Macumen, FileMaker and Mac Service and Support

Macumen Clients

Macumen Consulting has a large and diverse client base. The majority of our clients are small to medium-sized companies of up to 40 staff. We also support Macintosh users in larger organisations where we supplement the skills of the in-house support staff.

Our clients range from advertising and architectural companies to creative design and production houses; marketing and law firms to colleges and universities; and government and health service bodies to recruitment and sporting organisations.

The following is a selection of some of our hundreds of clients:

  • Allied Express
  • Kennedy Miller Mitchell
  • MLC
  • Language and Testing Consultants
  • PMDL Architecture and Design
  • Asia Pacific Asset Management
  • fbi Recruitment
  • Razor Media
  • US Sydney
  • Fremantle Media
  • Financial & Corporate Relations
  • Mark Hurcum Design
  • Maxted Thomas PR
  • McDowall Creative
  • MP Agency
  • Multilit
  • Shillington College
  • The SG Group
  • Workshop