Macumen, FileMaker and Mac Service and Support

Mac Support

Macumen delivers IT support for desktops, servers, and networking infrastructure on behalf of its clients. Our staff hold a range of IT support qualifications, including Apple hardware certifications, and Apple Engineer certification.

User Support

This is the ‘traditional’ area of IT support – making sure people can get on with their work as quickly as possible. Whether it be troubleshooting a software problem, or installing a new computer, we will always attempt to minimise the amount of downtime for the user. If the computer requires hardware repair, we advise the client on the best course of action.

Server Support

This is Macumen’s key strength – our focus has always been supporting organisations that use Macs. Because of this focus we have a wealth of experience in supporting and managing network and server environments. Our experience covers file, email, web, ftp, calendar, database, and DNS servers.

Business Relocation Services

Our years of supporting businesses has given us the experience required to smoothly relocate IT services during office moves.

Network Design

Macumen has the experience and resources to design a network from the ground up, including designing infrastructure models, mapping potential network growth, redesigning existing networks etc. Macumen is also able to deliver virtual private networks (VPNs) for clients, allowing secure solutions for accommodating mobile users, as well as interstate and international office connections.

Network Installations

Macumen has extensive experience in the installation and configuration and maintenance of all types of wireless and wired networks. Macumen also has extensive experience in appointing, liaising and overseeing cabling contractors and other related trades when required for network installs. As for Internet connectivity, Macumen can assist clients with selecting the most suitable provider and access medium. This ensures that the provider understands the needs of our clients prior to the installation and configuration of equipment.

Support Options

Macumen recognises the impact an IT failure can have on businesses, and that different clients have different requirements when it comes to IT support.

On Site Support

This is the most common way that we assist our clients, whether it is to resolve a desktop problem, install new systems, or to discuss IT business requirements. Call outs are billed at an hourly rate, and day rates are offered for larger projects. If arranged ahead of time, Macumen is able to assist clients undertaking projects that are occurring out of normal working hours (eg office relocations, server upgrades etc).

Maintenance Support Plans

Macumen offers maintenance support plans to clients, providing a systematic support arrangement. Support plans are designed to meet each clients needs, and cover a number of hours on-site per month, remote diagnosis, phone support and most importantly a priority response time.

Remote Support

Macumen offers remote management and diagnostics to clients. This option is particularly cost effective for the ongoing management of file server and email server user accounts.

Phone Support

In the first instance, Macumen endeavours to assist clients with troubleshooting over the phone, however there are occasions when the client account manager is required on-site.

Data Protection

Macumen Consulting firmly believes that an IT management strategy is not complete without the inclusion of a regularly scheduled and systematic backup of all critical data. Macumen provides a complete data protection solution to all of its clients, beginning with an analysis of the risk and associated costs of data loss, followed by the design and implementation of an appropriate backup and protection strategy.

Business Systems Solutions

Macumen uses the experience it has gained from working with many varied clients and has been providing database development, project management and database support services to its clients for over 14 years.

Macumen’s core tool in regards to its database work is FileMaker Pro because of its relatively quick development time, its ease of use, its ability to operate on multiple platforms, and its low cost of ownership. Clients can be assured that professional staff with the required technical background will be working on their projects – Macumen staff dedicated to database development are certified FileMaker developers, and Macumen is a proud member of the FileMaker Business Alliance.

We work with clients in a number of ways to develop their business system solutions – please see our FileMaker work in more detail.


Existing clients are able to take advantage of relationships that Macumen has with a large number of hardware and software suppliers. Macumen assumes the role of a centralised source of all necessary components for its clients.