Weir Phillips Architects

Portfolio Categories: Mac Support.

Weir Phillips Architects has an individual approach when it comes to design. They know that one size doesn’t fit all and tailor their approach to clients’ needs, requirements and desires.

Macumen shares the same approach regarding Mac support. We’ve been providing personalised service to Weir Phillips Architects since 2006, attending to day-to-day support for staff, as well as providing maintenance for Mac OS Server and Kerio Connect (email server software). We also provide support with products such as Microsoft Office, Vector Works and Adobe products.


Weir Phillips Architects has worked with Macumen for nearly a decade. Macumen has been a great IT partner and has supported us through periods of significant expansion and the changes in the way that we provide excellent service to our clients.

Macumen consultants are extraordinarily reliable and have the great characteristic of calmly solving problems while dealing with the urgent demands of clients like us.

I would recommend Macumen to any business.