Kerio, FileMaker, and pesky phone numbers

We have been working on a project that synchronises a company’s CRM database with their corporate address book. The address book is then available to users on all of their devices, inc laptops and iPhones. The client is using FileMaker v11 and Kerio Connect v7.4, iOS 5.1.

Everything was going swimmingly, except we kept on running into issues with certain phone numbers not arriving in the iPhone’s AddressBook. Specifically, we had trouble getting the ‘company main’ number across. It would come across to OSX’s AddressBook, but not to the iOS devices.

Labels are crucial in the successful sync of CardDAV records. If an address or phone number (or email) label isn’t supported by the device, then the data isn’t brought across. In this case, we were using ‘company main’ as the label. It would appear as ‘company main’ in OSX’s AddressBook, but wouldn’t arrive in the iPhone’s AddressBook.

To get it to work, we used  ‘company’ as the label for the phone number. It would appear in OSX’s AddressBook as ‘company’, and would arrive in the iPhone’s AddressBook as ‘company main’. Hmmmm. Gotta love transformation.

 Available Labels when using iOS 5.1 with Kerio Connect 7.4

  • phone labels
  • mobile
  • home
  • work
  • home fax
  • work fax
  • pager
  • assistant
  • car
  • radio
  • company main – but create record in AddressBook using ‘company’ label

Address labels

  • home
  • work
  • other

Problem solved, but a problem we could have done without……