Macumen 2012 Karting Day

Eastern Creek International Karting Raceway

On October 19th Macumen held their 5th annual karting day at Eastern Creek International Karting Raceway.  This has become a much anticipated event with competition for an invitation amongst clients and suppliers almost as fierce as the racing on the day!

After lunch and a get to know each other in Macumen’s offices in Stanmore we headed out to Eastern Creek in the Macumen Team Bus.  And this is where the fun always begins!  Some are competitive from the get go and some watch it evolve in to a force of nature morphing from Sunday drivers into Juan Manuel Fangio.  The excitement on the track always carries over to pit lane after heats where between slurps of Red Bull you will always hear “you so ran me off the track” or “I hit that wall so hard”.

The racing is always fast and furious but never as dangerous as the final race to the esky for a cold beer at the end of a hard days work.  And this is where the tales get told, standing around, having a well earned drink and reliving the days heroics.

Macumen would like to thank all of our clients and suppliers who have been involved with this day in the past.  We’ve already started planning next years event (and are open to bribes from interested clients and suppliers).