Apple Geeks are going crazy!

‘Expected’ iPhone 5 launch keeping Apple fans awake at night

With rumours, leaked photos and videos of parts and specifications of the new iPhone flooding the net, Apple rumour websites and blogs are going in to overdrive trying to trump the launch with their predictions on what the new iPhone will look like.  Apparently gone are the days that you waited in anticipation for Apple’s Media Event to find out what new hardware, software or operating system was being unveiled!

So, not wanting to get left behind Macumen will jump on the bandwagon too.  Following are the ‘most likely’ changes/upgrades coming to the iPhone.

  • Taller, giving a 4″ diagonal screen but will be the same width.
  • Thinner, meaning the overall volume will decrease.
  • Two tone glass and aluminium back, but overall looking similar to the existing iPhone 4/4s.
  • Newly designed headphones to be supplied with the phone, increased performance???  Probably not.
  • New, smaller and thinner dock connector.  Buy the adaptor or all new accessories!
  • Faster, likely to be upgraded to an A6 processor.  Not really important what that is, it will be faster is all you need to know.

We could go on about all the new internal changes but you will (hopefully) never see them so we won’t bore you.

September the 12th is the date the new iPhone is expected to be launched, probably along with iOS6 but we won’t really know until the media event what Apple is planning.  Not many more sleepless nights to go!!!