Apple launches OS X Mountain Lion

The Next-Generation Operating System

Available to download now via the App Store for just $20.99 Apple’s latest operating system, Mountain Lion, makes your Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch work even better together.  It comes with more than 200 new features and along with updates to iPhoto, iMovie and Aperture.  Read on, get your geek on and download Mountain Lion today!


iCloud is how a Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch work together. It keeps your mail, calendars, contacts, reminders, documents, notes and more up to date wherever you use them. So when you add, delete or change something on your Mac, it also happens on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. And vice versa. You don’t have to do anything at all — iCloud is automatic and effortless.

Messages – iMessage comes to your Mac

Messages with iMessage takes your conversations even further. Because now you can send messages to anyone on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 5 too. Messages appear on your Mac and any device you use, which means you can say hi from your Mac and keep chatting on your iPhone or iPad, no matter where you are.

Notification Centre

Something new is always popping up somewhere on your Mac — an email, a message, a software update, a calendar alert. Notification Center makes it easy to stay on top of it all. Notifications always appear in the same spot on your desktop and disappear quickly so they don’t clutter up your screen. Whenever you want to see all your notifications in one place, just swipe to the left from the right edge of the trackpad. And there they are, in a simple, ordered list. So you’ll always know what’s up as soon as it comes up.

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