Malware 2020

Malware is the new data security threat and its prevalence will surge in 2020.  Malware is software that’s created by a third party to gain access to your computer without your permission or redirect you to another source, their intentions are never good.  Malware’s intention is to cause you disruption, physical damage to your systems or financial gain (theirs, not yours).

Whether it’s keyloggers, ransomware, worms, trojan horses, logic bombs or the good old virus chances are you know someone who’s been infected or impacted.  What you need to do is manage your vulnerability and limit the chances of attack.  Use complex passwords, consider the source of software you download and ensure you practice safe browsing.  You should also consider utilising some third-party malware security.

Macumen can help you protect your laptop, desktop, server or entire IT infrastructure from malware.  We can deploy endpoint protection to selected computers or all computers in your ecosystem (across multiple sites if required), providing you with wide ranging protection from malware.

If you’d like to discuss malware and protection from its potentially damaging effects contact Macumen via the contact link above.  We’ll get back to you and help keep you safe from malware!