Gold ‘Metal’ Client

ABC Bullion

Macumen would like to welcome our newest client, ABC Bullion.  ABC Bullion are Australia’s leading precious metal and gold bullion specialists having traded continuously for over 35 years.  They buy and sell all types of investment-grade metal, including: gold bullion, gold coins and silver bars, as well as platinum and palladium products.

So, welcome aboard ABC Bullion.  Macumen looks forward to providing you with a complete IT infrastructure solution that is at least as secure as your stores of precious metals!


FileMaker Developer Conference 2012

FileMaker and DevCon 2012 – Miami Florida

From July 16th to 19th FileMaker will be holding their annual Developers Conference in Miami, Florida.  This years DevCon is particularly interesting and important to developers with the recent release of FileMaker 12.

DevCon offers fantastic opportunities for FileMaker developers to;

  • Discover the latest advances in the FileMaker product line, including FileMaker Go, Bento for Mac, iPhone and iPad.
  • The opportunity to collaborate with 1,100+ other developers.
  • Learn the best practices for creating iOS apps.
  • Attend in-depth Under-the-Hood sessions.
  • Discover what’s new at the Exhibitor Showcase.

Macumen will be sending Jim Dwyer to this years DevCon , after last year sending Brendan Wilde (San Diego, California).  This is an invaluable opportunity which will enable us to continue to offer the latest and greatest FileMaker solutions to our clients, both current and future.

Stay posted for Jim’s inspired (geeky) rantings when he returns in late July!