Apple Store App

Recent trip to the Apple Store…

I recently visited the new Apple Store in Broadway Shopping Centre. I often find when entering an Apple Store I’m swamped by staff members (they usually outnumber the customers) or I don’t know what to do with myself – no counters to be found.

This time I was approached by a staff member after finding my product on a shelf (Apple TV), my salesman asked if I’d heard of the Apple Store app, which I hadn’t. After a quick free download from the App Store we had it up and running.

The main function that I found intriguing was the Easy Scan feature of the App which basically allows you to pay for your item on the spot using your Apple ID and not having to go through a staff member and receive a receipt. Unfortunately the moment was slightly ruined when we were unable to get it going, but the staff member seemed very persistent that it would work which kept me interested. I look forward to trying it out again.

The App also allows you to buy items from the equivalent online Apple store and have them shipped to your home or office, browse their extensive range of products, locate stores and see receipts among other many other things.

It’s these kind of innovative features that keep Apple on top of the game. I’m sure a lot of people wonder how could they do this and trust that people wouldn’t just steal the product? Well, apparently Apple believe any stock that may be stolen will be well less that the money saved by people using this method to purchase goods, interesting. I suppose this is what companies like Coles and Woolworths are trying to achieve with their Self-Serve check out counters also.

Keep on doing your thing Apple.