2016 Macumen / PMDL Challenge Cup

November 19th saw the running of the inaugural Macumen / PMDL Challenge Cup at Eastern Creek International Karting Raceway.  The day saw us battle through four 12 lap heats for supremacy (and poll position) in the 20 lap final but not before we had lunch and started writing cheques that our bodies (for the most part) couldn’t cash on the racetrack.

The thrills and spills, the fist shaking and tactics were all discussed in a post race recovery session aided by a few cold beers.  Whilst it wasn’t about who won on the day (Jim from Macumen did by the way) it was heaps of fun and the teams from PMDL and Macumen are looking forward to next year where Team PMDL are, I’m sure out to get Jim (Sean probably is too, but the whole internet is probably not big enough for that story).

Thanks to Team PMDL for joining us and just in case you’re wondering the top three looked like this.

  1. Jim – Macumen
  2. Sean – Macumen
  3. Troy – PMDL (with the quickest laptime of the day)Unknown