Look Out, We’ve Got P-Plates!

Macumen – 17 Years and Counting

Macumen will celebrate 17 years in business this May, from humble beginnings in Camperdown in 1999 to a team of 9 in Stanmore today.  We’ve evolved and grown along the way with support and encouragement from clients, suppliers and others who operate in the same industry as us.  Focusing on Apple and the Mac ecosystem it’s little wonder that Jim and John have been able to grow Macumen to the point it is today with Apple becoming the technology powerhouse it is.

Did you know that Time has just named the iPhone the most influential gadget of all time?  Apple also has another two entries in the top 10 (the Macintosh at number 3 and the iPod at number 9) and a total of 5 in the top 50.

What a great segment of the IT industry we work in and we look forward to many more years (particularly next year when we can go to the pub, I think we’ll have to start planning 18th birthday celebrations very soon).

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

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