Macumen – Celebrating 15 years in business!

Macumen turns 15 – gets a real job!

From our humble beginnings in Camperdown with just John and Jim on board in 1999 to our current digs in Stanmore with 8 staff in total we’ve finally come of age!  Now that we’re an awkward teenager we’d like to thank all of our clients, suppliers and everyone we’ve met over the years that have contributed to making Macumen what it is today.

There were a few memorable moments in 1999 which may or may not compare to the birth of Macumen, we’ll let you decide.

  • Space Shuttle Discovery completes the first docking with the ISS.
  • The Y2K Bug didn’t happen.
  • Powderfinger won album of the year at the ARIAs with Internationalist.
  • Shakespeare In Love won best picture at the Oscars.
  • Time Magazine names Albert Einstein as person of the century.
  • Google tried to sell itself for $1 million.
  • 1999 was the year of the rabbit.
  • Rogan Josh won the Melbourne Cup.
  • Apple introduced the Power Mac G4 (classified as a weapon by the US government).

Happy Birthday to us!

A Merry Macumen Christmas

Christmas/New Year 2013/14

Macumen will be closing down for some well earned R and R this Christmas – the office will be closed from December 24th and re-open on January 6th.

Before we head down the holiday road on our individual Griswold Christmas Vacations we’d like to thank our clients and suppliers for what was another great 12 months.  In the last year Macumen has employed another team member and this couldn’t be achieved without the continued business and support from our clients and suppliers.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and remember, if you feel like offering cousin Eddie some more egg nog, something to eat and to drive him out to the middle of nowhere to leave him for dead, he is family (and Christmas is once a year, enjoy)!

Ho, Ho, Ho…..


And then there were SIX!

Welcome Matthew Kelly to the Macumen Team!

Macumen would like to introduce Matthew Kelly, the latest addition to our team.

Matt has a wealth of technical  knowledge across Mac environments from hardware to software and operating systems and has been involved in education and business management, maintenance and integration.  The experience he has gained over the years enables him to gain an understanding of the requirements of varied business situations whilst always providing a friendly, professional and high level of customer service.

As part of the team, Matt will enable Macumen to continue to offer tailored and complete IT and data solutions that are appropriate to our individual clients need.

Congratulations on joining the fastest Mac IT Support Specialists (on four wheels) in the country!

We Want You!

Are you our new Mac Support Consultant?

We are seeking an experienced, Apple-focused IT engineer with excellence in customer service to provide support both onsite and remotely.

The role requires that a diverse range of Apple servers, clients and peripherals are supported, installed and maintained.  The goal of successful candidates is to provide friendly customer service and outstanding technical support.

Candidates will require strong first hand experience in the following areas:

  • Mac OSX Client & Server
  • Windows Client integration
  • Network Infrastructure, Firewalls, IPSec VPNs
  • Mail and Web Server integration
  • Backup solutions & management
  • Client Account management
  • Experience with Kerio Connect and Control an advantage

Salary for the position is negotiable depending on experience and the technical and communication skills of the candidate.

Come and join a team that likes things other than tech support!

Applicants must be an Australian Resident and have a current driving license.

Position is based in Stanmore, NSW.

If you’re interested, or would like to learn more simply give us a call or drop us an e-mail with your resume.

Kerio Connect 8.1 – What’s New

Kerio Connect Instant Messaging

Have you been in a situation when you needed an immediate response from a colleague on the other side of the world? Would instant messaging have been the perfect solution but your company doesn’t have an instant messaging server? Kerio Connect 8.1 comes with the new Kerio Connect Instant Messaging! With automatically populated contact list from GAL, you can send instant messages, share files or even hold live video and audio calls with your colleagues, instantly.

Support for Microsoft Windows 8 Mail

Eager for more great news? Kerio Connect 8.1 now supports Microsoft Windows 8 Mail which enables users to synchronize emails, calendars and contacts with the Windows 8 Mail application via Exchange ActiveSync.

The new Kerio Connect 8.1 is now a native 64-bit service

Large or medium installations with active users can rejoice. Kerio Connect 8.1 server now supports 64-bit services and can be installed onto 64-bit systems. This enables the system to address more memory to the services and also allows for more concurrent connections.

If you’d like more in-depth information on the above and other improvements in Kerio Connect 8.1 contact Macumen or go to Kerio’s website @

Christmas at Macumen

Macumen’s Christmas Holiday

Macumen will be taking some time out this Christmas to reflect on the year that has passed (kick back and relax) and to look forward to what the year ahead has to offer (kick back and relax some more).  We will be finishing up on Friday, December 21st and be back on Monday, January 7th.

We would like to that this opportunity to thank all of our clients, both new and established (not old) as well as our suppliers for their business and support over the last year.  Obviously, without both there would be no Macumen and we kinda like hanging around at the moment.  So Thank You, have a great break and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Ho, ho, ho……..


Macumen 2012 Karting Day

Eastern Creek International Karting Raceway

On October 19th Macumen held their 5th annual karting day at Eastern Creek International Karting Raceway.  This has become a much anticipated event with competition for an invitation amongst clients and suppliers almost as fierce as the racing on the day!

After lunch and a get to know each other in Macumen’s offices in Stanmore we headed out to Eastern Creek in the Macumen Team Bus.  And this is where the fun always begins!  Some are competitive from the get go and some watch it evolve in to a force of nature morphing from Sunday drivers into Juan Manuel Fangio.  The excitement on the track always carries over to pit lane after heats where between slurps of Red Bull you will always hear “you so ran me off the track” or “I hit that wall so hard”.

The racing is always fast and furious but never as dangerous as the final race to the esky for a cold beer at the end of a hard days work.  And this is where the tales get told, standing around, having a well earned drink and reliving the days heroics.

Macumen would like to thank all of our clients and suppliers who have been involved with this day in the past.  We’ve already started planning next years event (and are open to bribes from interested clients and suppliers).


Apple Geeks are going crazy!

‘Expected’ iPhone 5 launch keeping Apple fans awake at night

With rumours, leaked photos and videos of parts and specifications of the new iPhone flooding the net, Apple rumour websites and blogs are going in to overdrive trying to trump the launch with their predictions on what the new iPhone will look like.  Apparently gone are the days that you waited in anticipation for Apple’s Media Event to find out what new hardware, software or operating system was being unveiled!

So, not wanting to get left behind Macumen will jump on the bandwagon too.  Following are the ‘most likely’ changes/upgrades coming to the iPhone.

  • Taller, giving a 4″ diagonal screen but will be the same width.
  • Thinner, meaning the overall volume will decrease.
  • Two tone glass and aluminium back, but overall looking similar to the existing iPhone 4/4s.
  • Newly designed headphones to be supplied with the phone, increased performance???  Probably not.
  • New, smaller and thinner dock connector.  Buy the adaptor or all new accessories!
  • Faster, likely to be upgraded to an A6 processor.  Not really important what that is, it will be faster is all you need to know.

We could go on about all the new internal changes but you will (hopefully) never see them so we won’t bore you.

September the 12th is the date the new iPhone is expected to be launched, probably along with iOS6 but we won’t really know until the media event what Apple is planning.  Not many more sleepless nights to go!!!


Apple Store App

Recent trip to the Apple Store…

I recently visited the new Apple Store in Broadway Shopping Centre. I often find when entering an Apple Store I’m swamped by staff members (they usually outnumber the customers) or I don’t know what to do with myself – no counters to be found.

This time I was approached by a staff member after finding my product on a shelf (Apple TV), my salesman asked if I’d heard of the Apple Store app, which I hadn’t. After a quick free download from the App Store we had it up and running.

The main function that I found intriguing was the Easy Scan feature of the App which basically allows you to pay for your item on the spot using your Apple ID and not having to go through a staff member and receive a receipt. Unfortunately the moment was slightly ruined when we were unable to get it going, but the staff member seemed very persistent that it would work which kept me interested. I look forward to trying it out again.

The App also allows you to buy items from the equivalent online Apple store and have them shipped to your home or office, browse their extensive range of products, locate stores and see receipts among other many other things.

It’s these kind of innovative features that keep Apple on top of the game. I’m sure a lot of people wonder how could they do this and trust that people wouldn’t just steal the product? Well, apparently Apple believe any stock that may be stolen will be well less that the money saved by people using this method to purchase goods, interesting. I suppose this is what companies like Coles and Woolworths are trying to achieve with their Self-Serve check out counters also.

Keep on doing your thing Apple.